Builders, house extensions, new builds, and property renovations in Westerham

CKH Build has been providing residents of Westerham with the finest property refurbishments, new builds, home extensions, and property renovations for many years. In that time, we have built up a reputation for quality that has only grown over the years. Based largely on the recommendations made by our thousands of satisfied clients, it is something of which we are extremely proud, and we make every effort to ensure that we live up to the high standards we have set for ourselves.

What CKH Build can do for you

As one of the top building companies currently trading in Westerham, we have many services available to our clients. Here are some of the top ones.

Builders in Westerham

As experienced builders, we can turn our hand to practically any job in the construction industry. Our customers in Westerham have asked us to do all manner of jobs, ranging from simple repairs to major improvements, every one of which we have been able to complete for them.

New builds in Westerham

Of course, we do not just repair, improve, and extend existing properties. All over the region there are houses that were designed, built, and constructed by the team here are CKH Build. We bring the same drive, quality, and attention to detail to new builds as we do to any other kind of property.

Property refurbishments in Westerham

Less invasive than renovations, property refurbishments still require the professional touch if you hope to pull them off properly. Everything from minor and major repairs to replacing non-essential joinery with our hand-cut alternatives, falls into this category.

House extensions in Westerham

Some of the house renovations we embark upon end up being home extensions, which is fine by us. As expert builders with decades of experience, nothing suits us better than designing a quality extension for an existing home before making it become true.

Property renovations in Westerham

When considering property renovations in Westerham, you need to consider the whole process. At CKH Build, we are with you from the very beginning – the ground floor, if you will. Our designers will help to create a plan that meets your vision before our builders go ahead and implement it.

Why choose CKH Build?

There are many reasons for Westerham customers to choose us for their building projects. Here are just a few of them…

Our main office in Oxted, barely twenty minutes down the road from Westerham, so we know the area well. Over the years we have made a great many of our Westerham clients incredibly happy with the product and the service we provide. Why not count yourself among that growing number by calling us today?

With any building project, the devil is in the detail. Therefore we insist on delivering our services in full, from the very outset. No matter how large or small the contract might be, we bring the same level of professionalism and experience to every job, starting from the design phase and finishing when we finally set down our tools at the end of a job well done.

Get in touch

Any Westerham clients looking for home extensions, property refurbishments, property renovations, or new builds should get in touch with CKH Build today on 01883 338 353 for your free, no-obligation quote.

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